eValue provides a framework for two applications critical to business success:


1. eValue Strategy Performance Scorecard

2. eValue Organisational Strategic Survey

1. eValue Strategy Performance Scorecard

The eValue Strategy Performance Scorecard is an online management planning and survey tool. It supports your management team with a fast, responsive view of performance and progress across key projects and tasks that drive the execution of your strategy.

Based on ongoing feedback from your line and unit managers, reports are compiled instantly, with a statistically colour-coded dashboard that drills down to detailed charts, tables and commentary for strategic review. At a glance, management can see key focus areas that require attention.

The survey is simple to set up and presents an aligned scorecard in a single view that coordinates all relevant drivers of the strategy, simultaneously. With direct and granular feedback from your people, eValue facilitates root cause analysis to identify problem areas and potential bottlenecks.

Line managers undertake the survey on a regular basis across the functional and operating areas relevant to them only, updating their responses whenever there is a change in status.

With no technical integration or complexity needed to mine performance data, the eValue Strategy Performance Scorecard facilitates pin-point focus on areas for improvement, and on an ongoing basis.

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Value-adding benefits

  • Involves your people in the process

    People see how their work contributes to the overall strategy, which fuels great work

  • Gets the right information to the right people at the right time

    Feedback links directly to strategic goals demographics, resources and tasks

  • Measure, monitor and manage, simultaneously

    Single dashboard view across all contributing elements of your strategy

  • Easy user reference and analysis

    Dashboard drills down to survey statements, comments and suggestions

  • Fosters collaboration, cooperation and communication

    Rapid feedback of results from respondents

  • Enables fast, forward action

    Instant real-time results, accessible online 24/7

  • Statistical analysis promotes predictive modeling

    Correlation between statistically important issues and survey performance levels

  • Historic comparison across past surveys

    Setting incremental goals and measuring progress

  • Target and benchmark scores

    Ongoing performance management

  • User-defined scorecard perspectives

    Multiple views across strategy elements

  • Macro to micro-analysis

    Filters deliver findings across countries, regions, units, teams etc.

2. eValue Organisational Strategic Survey

The eValue Organisational Strategic Survey helps you to identify, prioritise and, ultimately, close performance gaps as they emerge from live feedback from your employees, channel partners and/or customers.

Its unique online analytics dashboard tracks ongoing performance, enabling you to drill down to the underlying enablers and disablers of your business.

Feedback as it relates to performance levels cover the following strategic areas:

  • Organisational feedback
    • Alignment with strategy and goals, culture assessments based on values affinity and health
  • Workforce feedback
    • Employee engagement
    • 360-degree performance appraisals
  • Distributor / Channel feedback
    • Distributor / Franchisee service level satisfaction
  • Customer feedback
    • Customer satisfaction and service evaluation (CSI)
    • Brand awareness
    • Customer needs analysis

Main features

Compare results

Across demographics

Statistical key driver analysis

To prioritise action planning

Drill-down functionality

From high-level dashboards to charts, tables and open text responses

Live survey monitoring

Assists in achieving a higher response rate

Historic trend comparison

Across past surveys

Value-adding benefits

  • Feedback from the forefront of your operations (workforce, distributors, customers)

    Provides multi-perspective insights into underlying causes – more than just feedback, but “corrective” learning with informed and collaborative text suggestions for improvement

  • Statistical analysis promotes predictive modeling

    Correlation between statistically important issues and survey performance levels

  • Historic comparison across past surveys

    Setting incremental goals and measuring progress

  • Target and benchmark scores keeps your business on track

    Ongoing performance management

  • Live tracking of survey responses

    Encourages higher survey response rates

  • Consulting tool

    Potential for derivative revenue streams (planning, reporting, coaching, training and implementation)

eValue Specifications

eValue Specifications Strategy Performance Scorecard Organisational Strategic Survey
Customised templates or own survey design
Strategic alignment between user-defined objectives and survey statements
Multiple user-defined reporting perspectives
Multiple user-defined demographic filters (regions, departments, gender etc)
Choice of anonymous or identified responses
Mail-merge with individual logins
Pre-allocated demographics (or optional respondent selection from drop-down lists
Ability to link individual survey statements to different respondents or project stages
Multi-language survey option
Unlimited respondents
Multiple Likert response scale with statistical scoring
Fixed user-defined response scale and scoring
Ability to update previous responses and overwrite scores and text responses from period to period
On-line status report of survey progress
Customised landing page with your organisation’s ‘look and feel’ welcome message, logos and images
Ability to resume survey from prior location if interrupted
Emails to respondents (invitations, reminders, thank-you) or drop-down selection on landing page
Survey category headers
Print-out of survey statements and responses before/after the survey
Free-form text suggestions for each survey statement and category
Free-form text suggestions at end of survey (user-defined)
Ability to link survey to client’s own website
Immediate real-time on-line reports (descriptive statistics, graphs and tables, text responses)
Downloadable reports (Pdf, Png images, full database)
Post-survey Analysis (inferential statistics and regression analysis)
Executive Summary PowerPoint Report
Comparative Target/benchmark scores for ongoing performance management
Dashboard scorecard (drill-down to individual statements and text responses)
Table of results across all demographics for quick identification of problem areas
Reports colour-coded against mean scores and standard deviation
Powerful report filtering across multiple user-defined demographic groups (regions etc)
Comparative scores across demographic groups
Comparative results against past surveys

eValue’s specifications at a glance.

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