eValue is a platform for growth


Reselling eValue is a great option for professional consultants with clients looking for ecomm solutions and insights that:

  • Optimise their product and service performance levels through relevant user feedback

  • Facilitate key insights into their culture, alignment and performance

  • Monitor the ongoing implementation of their strategic goals and objectives

A typical profile of an eValue partner is an organisation or independent professional who provides strategic and performance improvement consulting services.

Partners can use eValue to improve the portfolio of their services and generate additional derivative income through a combination of facilitation, survey content development, post-survey analysis and related consulting opportunities.

Among the benefits of our Reseller Partner agreement are:

  • generous commissions based on the recommended licensing fees from your clients

  • Access to online statistical and key-driver analysis

  • 100% retention of value-adding services undertaken by you

  • Ability to apply eValue and marketing materials to reflect your own branding requirements

  • Free training and automatic access to online upgrades

  • 30-day free trial version

Pricing of eValue to end-user clients typically includes licensing and set-up fees, facilitation of survey content, real-time survey monitoring, post-survey statistical analysis, online and offline reporting and presentations. Additional revenue streams may stem from survey-related consulting services. Whilst we are able to provide most of these related facilities, the benefit to our Partners is their ability to use eValue as a channel that leverages their own professional consulting expertise and services.

Use eValue as your springboard to success.

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