Organisations don’t get results. People do.

eValue provides leaders with a strategy survey tool to improve organisational performance, culture and engagement.



eValue is a platform for sound, strategic decision-making.

Many in business try to secure competitive advantage by translating data into insight. Yet few realise that the true power of insight lies in what you do with it.

Employees at 3 out of 5 companies rate their organisation weak at strategy execution.*

* Source: Harvard Business Review.

For business leaders, strategy implementation remains a challenge:

In a recent survey of more than 400 global CEOs, executional excellence is seen as the number one challenge facing corporate leaders in Asia, Europe, and the United States. *

* Source: Harvard Business Review.

eValue drives strategic

As a collaborative insights engine, eValue compiles survey feedback instantly and links it to your business objectives, enabling faster, smarter decision-making and strategy implementation. Whether you are a small to medium size organisation or a large scale enterprise, eValue connects you with your people.


Our cloud-based survey scorecard provides instant updates from your team members for fast and ongoing feedback. Current levels of progress across key strategic performance areas appear in a single dashboard that supports charts, tables and commentary.


Our management survey framework measures workforce engagement and alignment in real time – enabling a shared view of your company’s culture, and instant identification of performance gaps. What’s more, eValue’s feedback is remedial, with learnings that are informed, actionable and shareable.


Direct feedback from your stakeholders – be they channel partners, franchisees or customers – facilitates ongoing enhancement to your company’s products, services and quality, while also developing collaborative relationships among your stakeholders.

eValue provides a framework for business
eValue provides end-to-end

eValue is more than an insights engine – behind it is a team of business professionals committed to adding value to your business.

Our specialist team includes organisational research analysts and statisticians, management consultants, HR specialists, IT developers and project managers.


  • Research, facilitation and consultation
  • Survey content development
  • Survey set-up and administration
  • Survey testing, implementation and monitoring
  • Dedicated contact centre (respondent enquiries / phone surveys)
  • Statistical analysis of survey results
  • Professional reports, presentations and recommendations
  • Design and development of tailor-made workforce, sales and channel engagement solutions, including rewards and recognition
eValue has hundreds of
satisfied clients.
eValue is a platform for growth

If you’re looking to broaden your company’s solution portfolio, or to expand your customer base and generate derivative client services via strategy development, our eValue Partner Platform is for you.

Aimed at resellers, solution providers and strategy consulting specialists, we will provide you with technical training for our platform and free marketing collateral.

eValue’s many services and solutions in strategy management consulting can be your springboard to success.

Is your current strategic survey method

Evaluate your company’s current strategy survey tool and see if it passes the eValue efficacy test.

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